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The Great Wall of China

September 24, 2008
The Great Wall of Second Life

The Great Wall of Second Life

Can you see me?  I’m standing next to the stairs on the right side.  I visited the Great Wall of China, as re-created in Second Life after finding it listed on the Second Life Wikia.  The scale is simple gargantuan and you get a real sense of the size as you walk up the stairs and along the top side.  It is hollow inside, which is a little disorienting, especially as you can accidentally fall through in some places. It was created by Linden Labs, and crosses several sims.  The individual owners of the sims use the wall in different, and sometimes startling ways, such as this semi dealership.

Semi dealership on top of the Great Wall

Semi dealership on top of the Great Wall

Some of the other stops along the way, while not pornographic, are a little risque.  Overall, it’s an interesting effort to recreate a significant cultural landmark in Second Life, and the way that other residents have repurposed this space adds an interesting dimension to the experience.

Here’s a slurl to the Jubata entrance:


Cultural Heritage in Second Life

August 24, 2008

Hello, and welcome to CHiSL!  After seeing so much interest in creating virtual cultural heritage locations in Second Life, we created this loose consortium to keep track of all of the various, ongoing projects by different people and institutions.

Here at the University of California, Berkeley, there is an exciting DeCal class (classes taught by undergraduates for undergraduates) that is based on OKAPI island, a reconstruction of the Neolithic site of  Çatalhöyük in Turkey.  From the class website:

“The purpose of this class is to investigate how Second Life (an online role playing game) can be used to turn a physical environment into a virtual one. This course will explore the real vs. virtual world concept in the context of Catal Hoyuk, a Neolithic site in Turkey. This course incorporates on going archaeological research in Second Life and addresses key issues in archaeology such as the archaeologist’s audience and archaeology/media relations.

This course also serves as a basic primer into the virtual world of Second Life. Through this course, students will learn how to interact with real people in a virtual environment. This course also addresses how virtual experiences are applicable to the real world (i.e. relationships, business). By the end of this course, students will have established themselves as fully functioning citizens of Second Life and will know how to control basic aspects of their environment.”

It should be interesting–check back for ongoing developments with the class and with other sites in Second Life!